How to Stay Positive While Working On Your Goals

Stay Positive While Working On Your Goals

Positivity is greatly encouraged these days, be it in the everyday life, for working on your goals and dreams, coping with the setbacks, or finding solutions for your small-big problems. But it is hard to adopt positivity as a way of life and become a total optimist if you don’t know the uses of optimism and how positive thinking helps you. If you are unable to have a blind belief that ‘if you think positively, positive things happen, you may find it very difficult and even irrational to stay positive in every situation without any reason whatsoever. So, today I’ll talk more practically about how to stay positive while working on your goals.

How to Stay Positive

I’ll achieve this by stating a few necessary traits for being more successful and which come more naturally to you if you decide to stay positive.

Dreaming Big Dreams:

Dreaming Big Dreams
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When you are positive, you are not questioning the possibility of your dreams with each new step you imagine. You don’t feel like, ‘but hey, that’s impossible!’. You decide to forget the current impossibilities during the imagination process and focus on what exactly you want.

This is an essential step because you cannot know the possibilities before you start, and getting discouraged by negative thoughts at the start itself can make you stop dreaming altogether. When you stop dreaming, you also stop setting goals and being successful.

We need to remember that all great achievers had dreams that seemed impossible at the start. But instead of letting the difficulties stop them, they decided to go ahead, with just one thing to guide them – the desire they want, no matter how unrealistic or even stupid it looked.

Making Better Plans:

Making plan
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All dreams are wasted if we don’t work on them, and this action starts with making a plan. But how is planning related to positivity?

Planning things out gets much easier when you do it with a positive mindset. When you can dream and stay positive while planning, you can think of all the opportunities you can take advantage of.
You may say that, by being optimistic, you may overrate your abilities and ignore all the obstacles on the way, and thus set impossible goals. But the fact is, if you stay negative, you overrate the impossibilities and underrate your abilities.

It’s better to be overly optimistic in the start and then tone down your plans to match your actual abilities than it is to underrate yourself, get overwhelmed by the obstacles, and not start working on it at all.

Flexibility in Your Plans:

It feels frustrating when your plans crumble to the ground, forcing you to make new ones. There are many reasons for changing your plans, which vary from outer circumstances to your inner state.
You can get highly damaging in such situations and feel like blaming your outside conditions or yourself for whatever happened. You feel stressed out by the amount of time you will have to put in now to make a better plan. You regret how all your hard work and planning were a waste and may even decide that you won’t make new plans now. ‘What if I have to change them again? Why bother?!’

Being optimistic helps you in these situations as you can bounce back and start afresh. You don’t regret that all your previous plans went a waste, nor do you avoid making new ones with the excuse that you may have to change them again.

It’s Easier to Accept Failures:

Accept Failures
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No matter what you are working on, how much effort you are putting in, and what your abilities are, it is still possible that you’ll face failures on your path now and then.

It is very discouraging to think that all your efforts yielded no results and you were doing it all wrong. The negative feelings can then get even more potent, and you may start thinking like it’s you who don’t have enough skills, so you should stop working on it.

Positive thinking prevents you from getting too negative about things and helps you think more reasonably. You don’t blame everything as your inability and get discouraged. You can analyze the situation correctly, which helps you understand what went wrong and prevent mistakes and failures in the future. You concentrate on the lessons learned, and the experience gained rather than on the failure itself.

You Face Your Fears With Confidence:

Working on any dream implies that you have to step out of your comfort zone and try out things that you’ve never done before. You know stepping out of your comfort zone, it means you have to face unknown challenges. Even starting on your journey can be a scary task. On top of that, there’s the chance of unknown fears and problems cropping up on the way.

Positivity enables you to face it all calmly and stays confident that no matter how much scary or impossible it may seem, you will eventually achieve it. You face your fears and work on removing them instead of trying to run away.

Besides, confidence is in itself a quality that is essential for the achieving process. It would be best if you were confident to start working on your dream, face the failures and problems on the way, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. When you are positive, it’s easier to find the confidence you need.


These are a few traits required to work on your goals and which are easier to acquire and keep if you have a positive attitude. What are your views? How has positivity helped you with your dreams and goals?

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