Think Positively: What To Do When You Can’t Think Positively

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking – that’s the concept which is being talked over everywhere these days – Live a positive life, think positively, have a positive attitude, always be the optimist! Many of us are also trying our best to stay positive at all times, and the ones who are not have possibly already tried & failed, and so now they are no longer trying. Besides, whether you think positive or negative depends on your experience regarding a particular thing. What seems negative to me may be favorable for you and vice versa.

How to Think Positively

Nonetheless, whether you are an optimist in general or someone who’s more or less able to be positive, negativity does get the better of you at times – this happens to the best of us. At such times, it’s necessary to ward off your negative thoughts in order to be at your best. But how do you do it? Of course, you know the general rules & usual methods, but, sometimes it can be tough to apply what you already know, and be able to rid yourself of the negative attitude. This inability to get past the negative thoughts may even start causing frustration, thus making you feel even more negative.

In this post, I’ll just describe two (slightly different) methods which I use when I start to become hopelessly negative. This isn’t any full proof method guaranteed to make you positive because, in the end, how you feel depends on how you want to feel; but if you are determined to become positive, then I’m sure it will help you in your efforts, just the way it helps me from time to time.

Acknowledge Before You Act:

Think Before You Act
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Well, the general tip is to check yourself whenever you think negatively. And quickly replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones. But that’s not as easy as it sounds! You may got a negative thought but you may not be able to change it for a positive one. If it’s done, it’s only temporary, and the next time in  similar situation, you find yourself thinking negatively again. So instead of trying to think positive immediately, just focus on knowing when you felt negative, and acknowledge it. This is much more doable.

Now, when the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you are instantly reminded that the last time this happened, you were negative about it. But this time, you have a choice! You can choose to think positively this time, or, if you are still not comfortable enough to leave your negative thoughts behind & replace them with positive ones, you can again acknowledge that you are feeling negative, just like the last time. Sooner or later, a day would come when you’ll finally be able to let go of those negative thoughts & start thinking positively once & for all! Won’t that be great?!

Do The Reverse What You Supposed to Do:

Are you in a situation when you don’t find any passivity? What to do now?? Stop trying to find anything positive!! Instead, start thinking about how much worse your situation could have been. Imagine all the negative things which could have happened. Once you start doing that, you will realize how lucky you are. All those negative things you are imagining aren’t happening for real. And you will start thinking positively automatically!

Thus, by thinking even more negatively for a while, you’d find yourself actually being positive! Now once you start to feel somewhat positive, you can boost things up by slowly incorporating even more positive thoughts & thereby becoming as positive as you wanted! (or possibly, even more!).

This method is somewhat similar to the ‘count your blessings’ idea. Just that, instead of making a list of what you’ve got & what you haven’t, you are trying to see how good everything is in spite of the problems, as what you are facing could have been even worse. This may work when you are unable to ‘count your blessings. Because, if you are feeling too negative, you may just manage to make your ‘don’t have list’ longer than ‘you have listed.’


What do you do when you start feeling negative? Have you got another unique idea of how to tackle negativity, which you think should be included in this post? Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading What To Do When You Can’t Think Positively. If you found the most empowering, then please do share it on your social networks – this will help me to reach & inspire even more people. Also, you can subscribe to The Happiness Newsletter & join in the journey towards greater happiness, better success, clearer thoughts, and an excellent YOU!

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